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Meet Newcastle Law School human rights professor Amy Maguire

Happy Law Week!

Meet Dr Maguire, a Senior Lecturer at Newcastle Law School. She is an expert in international human rights law and conducts research on the rights of Indigenous peoples and refugees, potential legal responses to climate change impacts, and capital punishment, among other areas. She is also an award-winning teacher who coordinates the subjects Public International Law, International Human Rights Law and Indigenous Peoples, Issues and the Law. She has a regular column in The Conversation and tweets as @DrAmyMaguire.

Dr Amy Maguire is becoming a well-known social commentator on contemporary human rights issues. This month she was interviewed on Channel 7’s Sunrise Program regarding the case of Australian woman Cassandra Sainsbury, who has been arrested in Colombia on drug charges. Dr Maguire developed her analysis of this case through an article in The Conversation, arguing that Ms Sainsbury should not be denied the presumption of innocence. Dr Maguire was also …

University of Melbourne optometry students provide eye care to 3,000 Sri Lankans

Lecturer Dr Kwang Cham and students Anjalee Athukoralage, Victor Liu, Tom Morton and Noni Rupasinghe from the University of Melbourne  Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences conducted eye checks and dispensed glasses to 3,000 low-income earners in Sri Lanka this January.

In collaboration with the not-for-profit Global Hand Charity Inc., the team self-funded their trip in order to treat people who had travelled from distant villages and waited in long queues to have their sight checked. The students were able to practice their skills under the supervision of experienced optometrists and make referrals for customised glasses. The new glasses mean that many adults can resume their livelihoods while young people will be aided in their study.

Regina Lau, Medical Coordinator at Global Hand Charity, wrote to the Dean to praise Dr Cham and the students involvement and singled out Senior Optometry Lecturer Christine Nearchou who was instrumental in recruiting the students and o…

CSU dentistry students part of healthcare team for refugees

Charles Sturt University (CSU) students are playing a key role in an innovative oral health program in regional NSW to help recently arrived refugees settle into their new home.

Students are working with health professionals in the Multicultural Centre Refugee Health Clinic in Wagga Wagga. Along with staff from the Wagga Wagga Health Service (WWHS) and the Wagga Multicultural Centre, the oral health students complete oral health assessments on the refugee patients in the Clinic.

CSU third-year students Ms Victoria Holahan and Ms Liya Johny describe their involvement in the program as life-changing.

“My experience in the program has been so rewarding I would now like to work with Indigenous populations when I complete my degree at Charles Sturt University,” Ms Holahan said.

Ms Johny said the refugees tell you how they used to live and sometimes the stories are heartbreaking.

“It has been an eye-opener to approach oral health in this way. One of the really important things tha…

Bond University launches Australia-first Transformer program

Bond University has just launched an Australia-first co-curricular program aimed at instilling big-picture thinking in students across all faculties, after making a $2.5-million investment in the new offering, including a dedicated co-working space.

More than 90 students have already enrolled in the new Transformer program, the launch of which coincides with the university’s 28th anniversary. It is available year-round at no cost to students, and designed to develop creativity, encourage exploration, enable innovation and enhance the Gold Coast university’s trademark entrepreneurial experience, for which it’s been renowned for almost three decades.

The Transformer is being offered to all students and can be completed at their own pace in three distinct consecutive phases over the course of their undergraduate or postgraduate degree:
Inspiration – where students will identify and define their concept, researching the core issues and existing solutions with a key emphasis on…

5 reasons to study pharmacy at the University of Sydney

Why should you study pharmacy with Australia’s first pharmacy school? The university asked their current students and alumni why they chose to study pharmacy at the University of Sydney. Here are their top 5 reasons to study pharmacy at Sydney Uni.
1. Diverse range of career opportunities “I love the different opportunities that the degree offers its graduates—the ability to move from one specialty to another, industry positions and extensive research and teaching opportunities.” – Reham Raid Mansour Soro, MPharm first-year student

Most people assume that there is only one career outcome when you study pharmacy: to become a pharmacist. But studying a pharmacy degree can lead to more than simply becoming a pharmacist. Pharmacists are an important part of the healthcare system. Their skills and knowledge can be applied across a range of careers, allowing for employment opportunities in
community pharmacyhospital pharmacyacademic or research institutionspharmaceutical industry i…

UQ to provide major boost to regional health

Regional communities and future health professionals studying through The University of Queensland are big winners from a multi-pronged $54.4 million Federal Government initiative.
In Queensland, UQ will lead the establishment of a University Department of Rural Health (UDRH), providing a major boost to education, training and research in rural south Queensland for nurses, midwives and allied health workers.

Three new medical training hubs under UQ control will also be established in Central Queensland, Wide Bay and South West Queensland, operating with an aim of retaining doctors in regional areas.
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences Executive Dean Professor Bruce Abernethy said research indicated students who experienced rural practice were far more likely to return to work rurally once qualified.

“For the local communities, this is part of a long-term strategy to address maldistribution of the health workforce,” Professor Abernethy said.

“Rural and remote regions of…

It’s National Law Week in Australia

National Law Week in Australia takes place throughout Australia in May each year. This year, it runs from May 15 – 19. Law Week provides Australians (and visitors) to get a closer look at how law and justice works in each Australian state. A range of exciting and interactive activities are being held around Australia celebrate Law Week, including courthouse tours, mock trials and student competitions.

Law Week events in Australia are organized individually or by a group of organizations collaborating to share ideas and resources. Some examples of organizations who participate in and support Law Week include the Courts Administration Authority, law firms, Australian police departments, municipal libraries, community legal centres, legal aid, and the Attorney General’s Department.
Usually, Law Week’s major highlight is Courts Open Day, which provides a chance to explore the rich heritage of the courts. Tours, mock trials, sentencing exercises and meet-the-judge sessions giv…

Australian student visa application processing times

Have passport, will travel. For study in Australia, this also means obtaining the right student visa.

The Australian Government has announced that from March 2017, you can view current student visa application processing times via the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) website: Follow DIBP on Facebook ( to keep updated on developments. Having all required information, documentation and evidence at the time of lodging your student visa application will help facilitate a quick assessment.

In order to apply for an Australian student visa, you should have a current passport that is not due to expire in the next six months. If you are renewing your passport, please apply for your student visa after your new passport is issued. Your passport number will change and it needs to match the passport number…

Why should Canadians consider studying at JCU Medical School in Australia?

There are many reasons that encourage people to study medicine. Among the most popular include the desire to help others. Sometimes that wish goes beyond the standard “I want to make a difference in my community” to “I want to make a difference in the world.”

So what makes JCU stand out from other Australian universities? And how on earth can we compare Australia’s and Canada’s health care needs?

James Cook University may not be the largest university, or the most well-known, but JCU has something the others don’t: their riveted focus on Aboriginal health, rural medicine, public health, tropical medicine and the needs of under-served populations.

James Cook University Deputy Vice Chancellor Tropical Health and Medicine Professor Ian Wronski explains why JCU concentrates on rural, remote and tropical health care.

“JCU was established as Australia’s university for the tropics, and so we focus on programs that are particularly relevant to the tropical world,” Prof Wronski say…

What are the Australian dental school application deadlines?

Wondering what the admissions timelines are for our Australian dental schools? We’re so glad you asked!

Here are the application deadlines. Remember, it’s always best to apply as soon as possible since dentistry admissions can be very competitive.

University of Western AustraliaDegree: Doctor of Dental Medicine
International places: 6
Deadline: Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Charles Sturt UniversityDegree: Bachelor Dental Science
International places: 10
Deadline: Thursday, June 15, 2017
Note: CSU uses application rounds; however, the program fills quickly. You are encouraged to apply no later than this date.

University of SydneyDegree: Doctor of Dental Medicine
International places: 15 – 25
Deadline: Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Note: As the cycle is short, candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

University of MelbourneDegree: Doctor of Dental Surgery
International places: 15 – 25
Deadline: July 28, 2017
Note: If you wish to apply for a fee waiver, you should have all application documents…

University of Sydney explains the value in a graduate certificate or diploma

When considering a postgraduate degree, the choice isn’t only deciding whether to do a master’s degree (coursework) or a PhD (research). There are other postgraduate study options that could help you achieve your goals.

If you’ve been out of university for more than 10 years but are interested in returning to study, you should consider a graduate certificate or a graduate diploma—a great way to further your education and the perfect step toward obtaining a master’s degree.

A crucial question to ask yourself is what do you hope to achieve by pursuing postgraduate study? The University of Sydney examines reasons to help decide where postgraduate study could lead you.
At its core, a postgraduate qualification can provide opportunity to take the next step in your career by upskilling and deepening your knowledge of a chosen field, or even launching into a new career direction. It may also be the catalyst for you to expand your horizons or pursue a personal ambition. Your motivat…

UQ occupational therapy graduate shares how his unexpected hobby helped his career

UQ occupational therapy graduate Lachlan graduated in 2016. He recently commenced working with the RISC Association, where he assists people with severe and multiple disabilities to develop independence and belonging through socialisation and recreation in the community. In the future, Lachlan hopes to pursue further opportunities for occupational therapy research, particularly in the area of sensory modulation. Here is Lachlan’s story!

“Finishing my occupational therapy degree was not the most important thing that happened to me last year.” Perhaps not the best opening line to use at my first professional job interview, but I stick by what I said.

Last year I took up piano lessons, which turned out to be the most valuable learning curve during 2016. This was something that I had wanted to do for years; however, only recently had I plucked up the courage to become an adult beginner—which was slightly terrifying for me.

I like to think that my lecturers at UQ would not hav…

Hugh Jackman and the UQ Med Revue

Are you planning to study medicine at the University of Queensland? If so, let us introduce you to the UQ Medical Society (UQMS) and their shenanigans (which we hope you plan to be a part of next year!).

The UQ Med Revue is a medical student variety show at the University of Queensland, put on by the UQMS, that normally has in the order of 250 students involved. Students from all four years of med come together to create a hilarious comedy that is jam-packed with puns, parodies, and Professor Parker’s pecs.

UQ medical students act, sing, dance, write, direct, play instruments, make props, design costumes, do hair and make-up and most of the tech for the show making it a truly home-grown production! As the biggest event on the UQMS calendar, the show runs three sold-out nights. In 2017, the dates will be August 13–15th, so mark it in your calendar!

Last year’s Med Revue took them on an adventure “Inside Gout,” with the help of Mr. Hugh Jackman.

About the UQ Medical Program The…

Griffith University promises 2.5% tuition fee cap guarantee

Everyone knows being an international student can get expensive. Griffith University in Queensland, Australia is poised to help: They’ve recently announced a tuition fee cap guarantee for students from 2018.

For all degree students commencing in 2018, Griffith University is guaranteeing that students’ fees will not increase by more than 2.5% per year for the duration of their program. This is a significant reduction from the previous 7.5%. The 2.5% cap means that Griffith students and sponsors are provided with certainty and confidence regarding the total cost of degree programs.

Significant savings indeed!

Students at Griffith University learn from degrees informed by world-class research and industry connections. Students learn in and out of the classroom, with teaching methods tailored to suit the needs of each degree. Depending on your degree, you might learn through work placements, overseas field trips, industry projects for real clients, or laboratory studies in Griff…

Heading to Bond Law School this September? Apply for a scholarship!

Bond University International Student Scholarships Have you applied to Bond Law School’s Juris Doctor or Bachelor of Laws for the September 2017 intake? Why not apply for a scholarship?

Bond aims to offer the best and brightest students from around the globe, with tuition remission scholarships based on academic merit, as well as community, leadership and sporting achievements. The International Student Scholarships are a testament to Bond University’s commitment to quality and outstanding international students. These scholarships are available to international students who have demonstrated outstanding academic ability, as well as community, leadership and sporting achievements.

These scholarships will award up to 50% tuition remission. Please note that the deferral of a scholarship will only be granted in extenuating circumstances, such as illness, family bereavement or essential overseas travel. Scholarships will be awarded at the university’s discretion.


Study physiotherapy in Australia, then practice in Canada

Are you interested in studying physiotherapy in Australia? May is National Physiotherapy Month and a great time to get started on learning how you can enter the physiotherapy profession!

Australian university graduate-entry physio degrees are highly sought after by Canadian university graduates with academic backgrounds in kinesiology, health sciences, and human kinetics. Since Australia is world-renowned for its leading-edge physiotherapy research and practice, Canadians enjoy learning from Australian academics who are world leaders in the physiotherapy field.

Degrees are labelled as Master of Physiotherapy Studies or Doctor of Physiotherapy degrees, but both are professional qualification programs. In order to help you make the best decision, here are just some of the most common questions (with answers!) we receive.

What is the difference between a Master of Physiotherapy and a Doctor of Physiotherapy degree? Both the Master of Physiotherapy (MPT) and Doctor of Physiothe…

University of Queensland leads Australia in ranking of top-10-rated subjects

The University of Queensland leads Australia and places 42nd globally in a new subject ranking that encompasses more than 26,000 higher education institutions.

The established Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) inaugural subject rankings highlight outstanding universities in science and social science, based on the numbers of research articles published in top-tier journals.

UQ has 13 subjects in the global top 10—more than any other Australian university—and features in rank one for Biodiversity Conservation, rank two for Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism and rank three for Marine and Freshwater Biology.

UQ Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Peter Høj said he was thrilled that the university ranked so highly.

“This achievement showcases the hard work that our researchers and academics put in to science and social science across UQ,” he said.

“A number-one ranking in Biodiversity Conservation is an incredible achievement and underscores the impressive research…

James Cook University is No.1 in world for marine biology

James Cook University’s standing as a world leader in environmental sciences has been re-affirmed with JCU ranked No.1 in the world for marine biology, and No. 2 in the world for biodiversity conservation research.

The Centre for World University Rankings (CWUR) has released its inaugural subjects ranking, which compares more than 26,000 degree-granting institutions around the world.

CWUR ranked JCU as follows:
Marine & Freshwater Biology (World Rank: 1)Biodiversity Conservation (World Rank: 2)Overall, this ranks James Cook University #166 among global institutions with the most Top-10 placements. Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Chris Cocklin said the ranking reflects JCU’s extremely strong research performance.

“To be ranked so highly in these subject areas is a great credit to our talented researchers. These results are consistent with our high standing in other global rankings for environmental and ecological sciences.

“JCU continues to deliver ground-breaking resea…

University of Western Australia’s Doctor of Dental Medicine application deadline

Application deadlines are approaching! And one of them is the University of Western Australia’s Doctor of Dental Medicine program.

The Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) at the University of Western Australia is a four-year, full-time professional degree with a significant research component. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of relevant knowledge in the basic medical sciences to support the staged development of clinical dental competencies and skills. Early clinical contact is pivotal to the course and students will enter the clinic from the first semester of their study.

Program: Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)
Total international spots: 6
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Semester intake: January
Duration: 4 years

Application deadline: May 30, 2017; however, candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

Entry requirements
To be eligible to apply for the UWA School of Dentistry‘s DMD program, eligible applicants must
have completed a bachelor degree with a minimum grade…