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OzTREKK Funny Friday

Four high school boys afflicted with spring fever skipped morning classes.

After lunch, they reported to the teacher that they had a flat tire.

Much to their relief she smiled and said,  “Well, you missed a test today, so take seats apart from one another and take out a piece of paper.”

Still smiling, she waited for them to sit down. Then she said, “First question: Which tire was flat?”

About Australian Teachers CollegesCompleting an Australian teachers’ education program provides an excellent opportunity to obtain the teaching qualifications you need, while experiencing the excitement and culture of living in a new country.

Australian teachers colleges name their graduate-entry education/teaching degrees in various ways (e.g., Graduate Diploma of Education, Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Master of Teaching). These are comparable to graduate-entry Bachelor of Education degrees offered at universities in Canada.

Australia’s Graduate Diploma in Education and Postgraduate Diploma of …

Monash Sport gets down—Gangnam Style

Don’t think that because you’re heading to university in Australia that you’ll be left high and dry without sporting and fitness activities. Australia is world famous for its involvement in outdoor sporting and recreational activities. You’re not going to Australia to be a couch potato, and there will be days where you will have a respite from your studies at Monash University.

Monash Sport knows students want a health and fitness membership that suits them. All sorts of sports and fitness facilities abound at all of Monash's campuses. Check out the Monash Sport video below for proof!

Monash Sport at Clayton is the jewel in the crown of sport at Monash University. Featuring an aquatics facility, fitness centre with a large group fitness timetable, many indoor and outdoor courts and fields, opportunities for active recreation are endless. Within building 1 at Monash Sport, there are also other service providers (physio, massage, cafe).

All facilities have been recently r…

Bond University Students Sport Onesie for a Week: ‘For the Animals’

Bond University students are currently sporting a wicked onesie for an entire week, all in the name of helping animals.

As part as a fundraising campaign for the local animal shelter, Bond University students were able to purchase onesies for $35 and spend the following week trying to raise funds while sporting the onesie. We’re not talking baby onesies, here. We’re talking full-out animal costumes. They’re pretty awesome. But so are Bond University students, so we’re not surprised.

We’ll check back in next week to see how much the Bond University students raised for the animals.

Macquarie University is Australia’s top modern university

Once, again, Macquarie University was voted as Australia’s highest-ranking university in the QS Top 50 Under 50, an international comparison of the best universities in the world under the age of 50.

Currently ranked 18th in the world, this is the second year in a row that Macquarie has been named Australia’s best modern university! The ranking is based on measures for research, teaching, innovation, graduate employability and international outlook.

In its relatively short history, Macquarie has seen substantial growth due in part to significant investment in areas of research excellence, facilities and infrastructure.

Macquarie University is home to the most technologically advanced hospital in the country; the Australian School of Advanced Medicine; a state-of-the-art library; and the Australian Hearing Hub which opened this year, bringing the nation’s leading hearing research and treatment agencies together on the campus.

In Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) 2012, 85…

University of Newcastle moves up in Times Higher Education World Top 100 Under 50 Rankings

The University of Newcastle has moved up five places to be number 40 in the Times Higher Education independent ranking of the world’s best universities under 50 years old, published today.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Caroline McMillen said the University of Newcastle's continued upward trajectory was significant in the face of intense international competition.

“The University of Newcastle is delivering quality education and research excellence that is making its mark on the world stage. Today’s result by one of the world’s leading independent ranking systems is evidence that our remarkable performance is matched by a strong reputation.”

“To go up against the world’s best and be consistently ranked by independent agencies as a world-class university is an outstanding achievement for our University and reflects well on our staff and community,” Professor McMillen said.

The results are the latest in a series of strong performances for the University of Newcastle. Last month…

UQ Information Technology student’s UQnav map app heads in the right direction

A navigation app for getting around the University of Queensland campuses has proven popular, with more than 53,000 downloads in less than three years.

Students, staff and visitors can use UQnav to find lecture theatres, laboratories, as well as where to grab a coffee, the closest bank and nearest public transport stop.

UQ Information Technology Services (ITS) Director Rob Moffatt said the success and popularity of the app highlighted the growing relevance of mobile technology in the university environment.

“UQ provides a growing suite of mobile tools for staff and students, such as UQ News, UQ Contact, UQ Open Day, and commercial apps such as Blackboard mobile, Adobe Connect mobile and Skydrive.”

Students Aaron McDowall and Kim Hunter launched the UQnav app in early 2011, after developing it as part of the Bachelor of Information Technology.

McDowall, who now works for UQ ITS, said the figure (last updated in May 2013) included 38,500 Apple downloads and 14,500 Android download…

JCU Teachers College student chats with OzTREKK

OzTREKK student Lyndsie Chisholm is living her dream in Cairns, Queensland. Currently enrolled in James Cook Universitys Graduate Diploma of Education (One to Nine) program, Lyndsie took some time out of her busy schedule to share her experiences Down Under—and her reaction to winning the OzTREKK Scholarship draw!

Why did you want to become a teacher?
Since the age of 5 I have dreamt of becoming a teacher. Teaching children is my passion and watching children learn and grow in the classroom excites me. Over the years I have intentionally participated in countless positions to help me fulfill my dream of teaching.

What made you choose Australia as the place to earn your degree?
Australia has always been on my bucket list! So why not travel and study?

What made you choose JCU?
JCU representatives came to my university in Ontario with OzTREKK’s Study in Australia Fair and I spoke with them, along with a bunch of other universities in Australia, but the ladies at JCU were full of passion…

Only one week left until Sydney Dental School application deadline

Just a reminder to all of our Australian Dental School applicants that the application deadline for the 2014 intake of the  Sydney Dental School Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) program is Sunday, July 7. In order for your application documents to be submitted on time, OzTREKK is encouraging applicants to have their documents at the OzTREKK office by Friday, July 5, 2013.

University of Sydney Dental SchoolProgram: Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)
Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Semester intake: February
Duration: 4 years
Application deadline: July 7, 2013. (All application documents must be at the OzTREKK office by Friday, July 5.)

University of Sydney Medical School application deadline is one week away

Only one more week, OzTREKKers! If you’ve already applied to Sydney Medical School, please be sure to have all of your remaining application documents sent to the OzTREKK office before Friday, July 5, in order for your complete medical school application to be submitted on time.

Sydney Medical School Application TimelineApplication deadline for the 2014 intake: July 7, 2013 (Please note: All Sydney MBBS application documents must be received at the OzTREKK office by Friday, July 5.)
Last test date of MCAT for 2014 entry: May 30, 2013
Interview invitations: July 19 – 22, 2013
Interviews held: July 29 – Aug. 2, 2013
Offers will begin to be sent: August 12, 2013
Second round of interview offers: Sept. 13 – 16, 2013
Second round of interviews held: Sept. 23 – 25, 2013
Offers for second round: Sept. 30, 2013

Monash Pharmacy researchers host first international conference to exterminate superbugs

The urgent global health challenge of antibiotic-resistant superbugs was discussed among world-leading experts at an international conference at Monash University’s Prato Centre, Italy, last month.

The Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS) hosted the 1st International Conference on Polymyxins, the first conference of its kind, presenting the latest research findings, and identifying the opportunities and challenges that guide the clinical use of polymyxins, a class of antibiotics used to treat multidrug-resistant bacteria.

Supported by colleagues at MIPS, Monash Pharmacy Research professor Roger Nation and conference co-chair Associate Professor Jian Li, also a researcher at at the Monash University Faculty of Pharmacy have been investigating polymyxins for more than a decade and are regarded as international leaders in the field.

Antibiotics colistin and polymyxin B are in use as “last line” antibiotics for the treatment of infections against bacterial “superbugs” t…

Program of the Month: Australian Medical Schools

Program of the Month: Australian Medical Schools

Get the stethoscope ready, OzTREKKERs! This edition of Program of the Month is sure to get student heart rates pumping. OzTREKK is highlighting the top-notch medical schools at our Australian Medical Schools.

Upon culmination of a graduate-entry Australian Medical Schools, students complete a residency in their field of choice/specialization and then become licensed doctors. OzTREKK hosts information seminars about attending Australian Medical Schools, highlighting your options for practicing medicine following graduation. These are being held this month!

We break down what each school has to offer, the benefits of attending each school, curriculum and what the program focuses on to help potential students narrow down choices according to their needs.

University of Queensland Medical School, Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS): Designed to produce doctors able to meet the challenges of the new century, this four-year curricu…

OzTREKK student travels the world – Part 3

Continuing her tour of the world, future University of Sydney Master of International Public Health student Jennifer Avery takes time out to discuss the public health issues that affect Central and South America.

And if you’d like to see bigger photos, just click on them!

What was your favourite location in South America and why? This is a tough one. I have to at least state our top three, which are Chile, Argentina, and Colombia. Chile was our number one for many reasons. It is developed and modern yet it also has more rugged and desolate areas like the Atacama Desert and Patagonia. We loved how we could visit lush forests, shop in trendy boutique stores, bike through the world’s driest desert, and camp out beneath snow-capped mountains. I am not sure if there are many countries as geologically diverse as Chile, and with such warm people!

Your least favourite? Why?
There wasn’t a single country where we were not enjoying ourselves the entire time, but one that stands out as a not-…

UQ Dental School research

The UQ School of Dentistry has a long history of quality dental and oral research. The dental school continues to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge both locally and internationally, and performs exceptionally well in benchmarking exercises. The school’s research covers a broad spectrum of dental practice, and includes research by academic and research staff, postgraduate students, honours and undergraduate students.

The UQ Dental School has adopted two key strategic research themes which drive the development and growth of the of their research programs:
Diagnosis and prevention of oral diseaseDental biomaterials and advanced technologiesResearch programs are defined as large collaborative research projects, which typically incorporate teams of senior and junior academics, postdoctoral research fellows, and Research Higher Degree (RHD) students. Each researcher investigates an aspect of a larger problem with their insights contributing to the resolution. It …

James Cook University Shares Packing Tips

So, you’re packing for your trip to Australia- afraid you’ll forget something? Freaking out? Need some instruction? Well, The James Cook University Support Team recently compiled a list of must-pack items for your time studying in Australia.

Here’s a list with some helpful hints and advice. Calm down. And start getting ready for the trip of a lifetime.

Firstly- the things that seem obvious but are often forgotten, you don’t want to be spending extra money on items like:
UndiesToothbrushFirst aid kitTowelContact lensesSunglasses
Secondly, what NOT to bring:
InhibitionsPets – Australian Border Security won’t let Rover come in with youAunt Mavis’s special home-made jam – again Border Security won’t let you in with raw food items. Call Australian Customs for more information: call +61 2 9313 3010 or visit Australian Customs.

Bring a little of your home country with you:
Family photosCultural artifact for culture cafe (these are displayed on the university campus)Traditional dressRecipes from h…

Monash Engineering student set to compete in IRONMAN World Championships

Monash University student Samuel Dwyer is set to compete in the IRONMAN World Championships after only competing in his first Ironman three months ago.

Described as “raw talent” by Director of Monash Sport Martin Doulton, Samuel took out the title in his age group, qualifying for the notorious world championships to be held in Kona, Hawaii, on  Oct. 12.

The modest Bachelor of Engineering and Science student is a part of the Elite Athlete Support program and said he first became interested in the sport two years ago.

“I was involved in swimming and cross-country at school and when I finished I knew I’d enjoy cycling so I thought I’d try and do a triathlon,” Sam said. “I was YouTubing triathlons and came across a clip for the IRONMAN World Championships and thought it was something I’d like to do.”

For the next two years, the Monash student saved enough money to purchase a bike, and trained himself, diligently working toward achieving this goal.

Despite doing a test prior to the …

UQ Pharmacy School placements

The University of Queensland Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) program prepares graduates for the contemporary role of the pharmacist in society, ensuring that patients optimize medication usage. Initial courses on chemical, physical and biological studies lead to professional specialties in later years. Practical and clinical science studies begin in first year, providing students with a strong background in professional practice.

Experiential placements in the pharmacy program are viewed as valuable, integral and essential for the attainment of a pharmacy degree. During the four years of the undergraduate degree, these experiential placements may be in community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, the pharmaceutical industry or other related health-care sites as required by the teaching and learning requirements of the pharmacy program curriculum.

Preceptors are a vital link between the UQ School of Pharmacy and the pharmacy profession. The input of preceptors into the course is greatly…

University of Queensland Celebrates 50 Years at Sea!

University of Queensland Teachers College student recalls time at seaImagine spending the night with Berber Nomads in the Sahara desert, till the sun rose, getting lost in a rickshaw in India or breaking down cultural barriers to the tunes of Justin Bieber and Britney Spears.

University of Queensland Teachers College student Claire Mulligan did all this and more during a four-month Semester at Sea study abroad program travelling the world on a seven-deck, 179-metre ship.

Claire said her decision to follow in the footsteps of her mother, who did the program in 1981, changed her life.

“I highly recommend that other UQ students apply for this program,” she said.

“It gave me the opportunity of a lifetime.

“Students who participate in Semester at Sea get to experience things they never would have dreamed of, and everyone is eligible to give it a go.

“I never thought I’d convince somebody in one country that Costa Rican notes were an acceptable form of payment because of cute animals on t…

JCU Medical School doctors opt for rural practice

James Cook University medical school graduates are increasingly choosing to practice in regional and remote locations, a recent study shows.

The study, James Cook University MBBS graduate intentions and intern destinations: a comparative study with other Queensland and Australian Medical Schools, has been published in the Rural and Remote Health journal.

It is the first large analysis of data on JCU Medical School graduates and shows the university is producing doctors in a regional location, for regional locations, as opposed to cities.

JCU first offered a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery degree in 2000. It has consistently been very popular with people who live in North Queensland and surrounding regions – and appeals to prospective students from elsewhere who are hoping to pursue a medical career with a rural, tropical and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health focus – including Canadian students.

Professor Richard Murray, Head of JCU’s School of Medicine and Dentis…

Bond Law School students take out another international moot accolade

Bond Law School has added to its impressive track record in international mooting competitions by taking out the prestigious Beijing Foreign Studies University Intellectual Property Law Moot.

The win adds to a remarkable string of moot competition victories over the past three years, further enhancing Bond University’s reputation as one of Australia’s leading law schools.

In 2011, Bond Law School students won three major awards in the space of two months, and followed this in 2012 with a win in the D.M. Harish Memorial Government Law College International Moot Court Competition, and two local moot wins in Queensland and Victoria.

The two students – Marryum Kahloon and Caroline Karlsson – have recently returned to Australia from Beijing with their winner’s plaque.

The team coach and Director of Mooting, Bond Law Assistant Professor Joel Butler, also went to Beijing with the students. He said this win, on top of the university’s track record, demonstrated that Bond was extremely com…

New physiotherapy lecturer at Macquarie University

Beginning July 1, 2013, Dr Kathryn Mills will be the new lecturer at Macquarie University Physiotherapy School.

Kathryn has research and clinical experience in neuromuscular and clinical biomechanics. Prior to her appointment at Macquarie University, Kathryn completed her PhD through the University of Queensland while based at the Australian Institute of Sport.

She was also a postdoctoral fellow in the Alberta Osteoarthritis Team in Alberta, Canada, and maintains collaborative ties with the team. Her research interests focus on targeted biomechanical and neuromuscular treatments for lower limb overuse injuries and osteoarthritis. Kathryn has won several national and international awards for this research, including Best Young Investigator at the 2009 Footwear Biomechanics Group branch of the International Society of Biomechanics.

The new Macquarie Physiotherapy lecturer has published in multiple high-impact journals relating to sport and clinical biomechanics (Medicine and Sci…

UQ Pharmacy School embraces diversity

A team of Pharmacy academics from the University of Queensland (UQ) have recently received a Vice-Chancellor’s Equity and Diversity Award, which recognizes UQ staff and students who have made a significant contribution to equity and diversity.

The team from Skills for Communicating and Relating in Pharmacy Training program (SCRIPT) was presented with the award, worth $5000 at a ceremony at the University on Thursday, May 23, 2013.

Historically, between 36 and 53 percent of pharmacy students don’t speak English at home, a language assessed in all years of the undergraduate pharmacy program at UQ. In order to be effective communicators in their field, students and graduates need to have a high quality of discipline-specific and colloquial English to be successful.

SCRIPT recognizes the challenges that these students face and developed the program, which teaches effective English communication skills.

SCRIPT is the result of multidisciplinary collaboration between pharmacy academics f…

University of Melbourne Medical School applications are closed

Are you interested in studying medicine in Australia? While the application deadline for Melbourne Medical School has now passed (June 23, 2013), you still have the opportunity to apply to other Australian Medical Schools:

University of Queensland Medical SchoolApplication deadline: Applications are assessed on a rolling admissions (first come, first served) basis. OzTREKK recommends that applicants apply early to increase their chances of timely assessment.

University of Sydney Medical SchoolApplication deadline: Friday, July 5, 2013

James Cook University Medical SchoolApplication deadline: August 30, 2013

Please note, that each Australian Medical School has their own unique application which must be completed if you wish to be considered for admission and have your application assessed.

OzTREKK is the most trusted source of information for international students looking at studying medicine in Australia. We are the experts in admissions requirements and application procedures to Austra…

OzTREKK Funny Friday

A university physics professor was explaining a particularly complicated concept to his class when a pre-med student interrupted him.

“Why do we have to learn this stuff?” the young man blurted out.

“To save lives,” the professor responded before continuing the lecture.

A few minutes later the student spoke up again. “So how does physics save lives?”

The professor stared at the student for a long time without saying a word. Finally, the professor continued. “Physics saves lives,” he answered, “because it keeps the idiots out of medical school.”

University of Sydney Medical School application deadlineYes, we’ve reminded you. Many times. Over and over. Well, what can we say? We like our students to be prepared!

The deadline to have all of your application documents at the OzTREKK office is Friday, July 5, 2013 in order to have your complete application submitted to Sydney Medical School by Sunday, July 7, 2013.

Sydney Dental School deadline is only two weeks away!

Two weeks left! The application deadline for the the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) program at the University of Sydney is Friday, July 5, 2013!

The Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Sydney is Australia’s first, and has been involved in the training of dental practitioners for 100 years. The Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) program aims to
have students gain, qualitatively and quantitatively, a greater patient-based experience;support research-informed decisions through critique of available information and defend their treatment decisions as the most appropriate under the unique circumstances as presented by individual patients;equip students with the confidence to accept supervised clinical responsibilities away from the parent institution and to embark on national and international electives from the end of Year 2 onward;develop leadership skills which distinguish University of Sydney graduates and contribute to the dental profession, academia and public health service …