Master of Teaching at the University of Melbourne Teachers College

The Master of Teaching at the University of Melbourne Teachers College is for graduates from any discipline who are interested in becoming teachers.

Apply to the University of Melbourne Teachers College
Apply to the University of Melbourne Teachers College

Melbournes innovative curriculum brings together theory and practice in a way that gives students powerful insights into children and young people, and how they learn.

The Melbourne Master of Teaching is the only teaching degree in Australia to use a genuine clinical framework:
  • Students spend two days per week in a school or early childhood centre from early in their studies, and are closely supported throughout their school experience. This means students can connect what they learn at university with what they learn in school (in a similar way to trainee doctors or nurses in a training hospital).
  • Master of Teaching students will develop the professional skills to assess and diagnose students’ individual learning needs, and to work with learners of all abilities.

As a result, University of Melbourne Teachers College graduates feel very well prepared for teaching and are highly sought after by schools and early childhood services.

Programs: Master of Teaching (Primary or Secondary)
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Semester intake: March
Duration: 1.5 to 2 years
Application deadline: Although there is no strict application deadline for either of these programs, it is recommended that students apply at least three months prior to the program start date. Doing so will provide students with a sufficient amount of time to complete the assessment and pre-departure process.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for admission into the University of Melbournes Master of Teaching programs, you must have
  • successfully completed, at minimum, a three-year undergraduate degree from a recognized post-secondary institution; and
  • have achieved a 65 percent average or above.

For the Master of Teaching (Primary), the university would also like to see that you have undertaken courses in a couple of different disciplines within your undergraduate degree, as primary teachers must have general knowledge in several different subjects.

For the Master of Teaching (Secondary), applicants must also meet the requirements for two teaching methods. The University of Melbourne is generally looking for four to five full credits in a first method and another three to four full credits in a second method. For example, if you would like English as your first teaching method and History as your second, you would be required to have completed five full credits in English and four full credits in History within your undergraduate degree.


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