What is the National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association?

If you are interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy, and would like to study at an Australian Pharmacy School, then you may be interested in learning about the National Association of Pharmaceutical Students of Australia (NAPSA).

NAPSA was formed in 1948 as the National Association of Pharmaceutical Students of Australia, and originally consisted of six Australian university pharmacy associations, and was the largest representative body of pharmacy students in the world during that time. It served to represent the interests of pharmacy students on a national scale, via their individual state associations. NAPSA was dissolved in the late 1980s, but was reformed in 2001 by delegates from eight of the nine pharmacy schools in Australia.

The National Association of Pharmaceutical Students of Australia aims to establish a permanent form of contact between constituent organizations and to establish contact with the National Associations of the Pharmaceutical Students affiliated with the International Pharmaceutical Students Federation. 

By maintaining a policy platform that outlines the opinions and beliefs of the Association’s members, they aim to protect the status, rights and privileges, and to promote the interest of members of the association engaged as students, in any field of pharmacy, and to do all such things as may be necessary for such protection and/or promotion.

As well, NAPSA tries to promote the rights of non-member students and pre-registrants and to seek the establishment of uniform conditions regarding courses of study and qualifications for registration of pharmacists throughout Australia.

The association cooperates with other organizations on a scientific, cultural, and social plane with a view to furthering the objectives of the association, and arranges an annual conference between the constituent organizations and assists all constituent organizations.

Pharmacy Awareness

NAPSA's vision is to promote the profession of pharmacy to students, other health professionals and the wider community and, in doing so, make them aware of the importance of the role of pharmacists in primary health care, the provision of health information and of their involvement in overall long term health care, the community’s health status and quality of life.

NAPSA claims that Pharmacy Awareness is all about working together to promote the benefits of pharmacy, services and future prospects, to the public.

The Pharmacy Awareness Committee works to promote the National Association of Pharmaceutical Students of Australia to the wider professional community and members and the public, whilst fulfilling the social responsibility of pharmacy students to the Australian community.

The associations believes it’s integral that they all play a part in promoting the profession as students and well into their future careers. This is to ensure that pharmacy continues to grow into strong profession and that pharmacists’ services are highly regarded and valued within the community, now and for the future.

Pharmacy Awareness encourages all pharmacy students and branches to work together to promote their future profession by advocating the benefits of pharmacy and the services pharmacists offer to the community, as well as by actively contributing to improving the health of the Australian public.


Australian Pharmacy Schools:
  • James Cook University Pharmacy School
  • Monash University Pharmacy School
  • University of Queensland Pharmacy School
  • University of Sydney Pharmacy School


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