OzTREKK wishes Kristyn, our summer student, the very best

Well, the summer is pretty much over. The end of August usually marks the end of summer, even though we technically have three weeks left for all you September equinox purists. But the day after Labour Day is nigh, and that means back to school!

Study in Australia
OzTREKK summer student Kristyn Chaplin with Admissions Officer Rachel Brady during our lunch gathering
OzTREKK has employed a university student since 2007 to help out with various tasks during the summer months. Summer at OzTREKK is beautiful: gorgeous sunshine, tropical heat waves, vacation days…and many application deadlines! Without our summer student, we would have a tough time keeping up with all of our Australian Medical School and Australian Dental School applicants.

For the past two years, Kristyn Chaplin has been OzTREKK’s summer student. Hailing from Perth, Ontario, Kristyn began her studies at Queen’s University, but has recently transferred to the University of Ottawa to study her third year of human kinetics—a future Australian Physiotherapy Schools applicant!

Joking aside, all of us at OzTREKK are always thrilled to see Kristyn in May, and sad to see her go at the end of August. To thank Kristyn for all her hard work and dedication to the OzTREKK philosophy, we took her out for lunch this week and enjoyed a delicious meal and a hearty visit.
We wish Kristyn the very best on her educational journey for the 2013–2014 study period!

Thank you for all your help, Kristyn. We’ll miss you!



OzTREKK is the only Canadian organization that is a student office and Application and Information Centre in Canada for the following combination of Australian universities:
  • Bond University
  • James Cook University
  • Macquarie University
  • Monash University
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Newcastle
  • University of Queensland
  • University of Sydney

    We’re the Application and Information Centre for Canadian students applying to or inquiring about study abroad, undergraduate and graduate/professional programs at any of the above Australian universities. The OzTREKK Application and Information Centre is free to all students as its services are provided on behalf of, and fully funded by, the above Australian universities.


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