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Each August, the Perth & District Chamber of Commerce hosts the Dorothy Griffith Memorial Golf Tournament. The tournament is a huge attraction for the business community. As part of our OzTREKK philosophy, which includes offering support to our community, OzTREKK jumped at the chance to spend the day golfing for a good cause!

OzTREKK - How We Help
The OzTREKK gang

The day included 18 holes of golf with fun games streamed throughout the links, and upon completion, the participants then headed back to the clubhouse for a great dinner packed with auction items and door prizes!

This year marked the 7th Annual Dorothy Griffith Memorial Tournament, which was renamed to honour the esteemed chamber member who was one if its most active members and volunteers during her lifetime. The tournament helps remind the chamber members and the Perth community about the importance of supporting the community and the essence of volunteerism.

The day began with a minor concern that the unseasonably cool breeze may be a factor in the success of our golf game, but bursts of warm sunshine and friendly encouragement soon put our minds at ease.

Macquarie University Arts degrees
Hungry? Beth and Molly are overwhelmed by their  plates!

For some of us, this was the first time playing, and for others, it was just another day on the green. Before sputtering off in our carts, we enjoyed a generous lunchtime barbecue hosted by the Perth & District Chamber of Commerce. While Nicole held down the fort in the office and Rachel was away in the land of Oz, the rest of us were put in teams of four, and headed out into the green yonder in our golf carts to enjoy an energizing day of golf!

Highlights of the day included Matt’s amazing long drive—where did the ball go? Can anyone even see the ball? and Shannon’s over-the-water shot to keep our orange ball in play! Way to go, Shannon!

OzTREKK - Who We Are
Broghan fires one off
OzTREKK - Who We Are
Matt impresses with his golfing skills
OzTREKK - Who We Are
Molly hits a great shot
OzTREKK - Who We Are
Julie was better at putting
After racing back to the clubhouse—with Kristyn and Adam narrowly beating Julie and Matt—the entire gathering of golf tournament participants sat down to enjoy a delicious meal. Winner winner, chicken dinner? Oh, yeah! The supper included insanely massive portions! Check out the huge chicken plates Beth and Molly tried to eat!

OzTREKK - Who We Are
Caution! Shannon behind the wheel
OzTREKK - Who We Are
Molly helps Broghan out
Nicole managed to escape the office at the end of the day to join the rest of the OzTREKK team for dinner. During the meal, we were treated to door prizes, raffles, auctions, and awards. Notably, one of the OzTREKK teams won the prize for “Most Honest”—AKA really, really bad score! But hey, we’re honest, and the day was unforgettable.


OzTREKK is a Canadian Application and Information Centre in Canada that provides information about academic programs and their admissions requirements, and processes applications for admission to eight Australian universities.

We offer a wide range of services, and it’s all free for you—we’re paid by the Australian universities, because they recognize that we’re experts in matching what they offer with what Canadian students need. In fact, OzTREKK is the only representative in Canada operated by Australians and Canadians and specializing solely in Australian universities. We are the experts regarding

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…and many more!

If you apply to an Australian university through OzTREKK, you’ll benefit from insider knowledge, save time researching, and get all your questions answered. It’s that simple.

The OzTREKK mission is to prepare students for a first-class international educational experience in Australia. We are your Canadian connection to Study in Australia! All of our goals support the OzTREKK philosophy: life is a journey. Enjoy yours!


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