Criminology degrees at Australian universities

Do you stay up late to watch Criminal Minds and CSI? Did you know that OzTREKK represents Australian universities that offer Master of Criminology degrees and other degrees that study crime and criminal justice?

University of Melbourne -  Master of Criminology

The 1.5/2-year Master of Criminology program is a cutting-edge criminology program that critically engages with crime, criminal law and criminal justice in local and global contexts. From international crimes, like terrorism and genocide, to local issues, such as indigenous justice and injustice, the program exposes students to the latest theoretical and practical advances in these fields.

Semester intakes: March or July
Application deadline: Generally October 31 for Semester 1 start date (March)
Admission requirements – Variable

University of Sydney - Master of Criminology

The Sydney Institute of Criminology is a research centre based in the Sydney Law School specializing in criminology, criminal justice and criminal law.

The Master of Criminology (MCrim) is a one-year program that provides the opportunity for candidates to study a multidisciplinary, critical approach to criminology, criminal law and criminal justice.

The course recognizes the importance of research, policy and applied learning and this, along with the cutting-edge contemporary focus of the study provided, will equip students for occupations within criminal justice agencies including public and private, social welfare, psychology and psychiatry, public policy, social research and legal practice.

Semester intakes: March or July
Application deadline: October 30, 2013 for the March 2014 intake
Admission requirements
  • a bachelor degree with a minimum credit average from the University of Sydney in law, psychology or other appropriate discipline as determined by the Faculty, or an equivalent qualification; or
  • a bachelor degree from the University of Sydney, or an equivalent qualification; and the applicant provides evidence of professional experience or of a period of service (normally of several years in duration) which in the opinion of the Dean adequately prepares the applicant to undertake the course of study; or
  • completion of the requirements of the Graduate Diploma in Criminology with a minimum credit average, or an equivalent qualification.

    Macquarie University – Master of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism

    This degree is 1 year in duration and covers a wide range of issues related to policing, intelligence and counter terrorism in international and national contexts, including the intelligence analysis techniques and organized crime. Also considered is the development and implementation of strategies and tactics to counter terrorism, drawing on recent case studies and the funding of terrorism. It is part of the Macquarie University Faculty of Arts.

    Key features
    • Gives you access to experts from around the world with practical experience in all levels of security
    • Lets you study the latest developments and analyze the challenges, threats and opportunities confronting the Pacific region
    • Examines the impact of media and modern communications technology on policing, intelligence gathering and security
    • Considers historical and contemporary dilemmas that may influence intelligence gathering and analysis, policy development and implementation in the region
    • This degree can be combined with the Master of International Security Studies
    Semester intakes: March or August
    Application deadline: TBA
    Admission requirements -  A bachelor degree in relevant field

    Bond University - Master of Criminology (Professional)

    Part of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Master of Criminology (Professional) program provides students with skill development and training as well as scholarly appreciation of crime, justice and forensic issues. The program provides an understanding of a broad range of issues involving criminology theories, contemporary information on crime prevention, the theory and practice of punishment, criminal offenders, the police, courts and correctional institutions, including current crime and deviance issues. Students will be provided with both knowledge and research skills and techniques required for the analysis of criminological issues and an understanding of how to critically evaluate published research. At the end of the degree, candidates will have a professional portfolio detailing their research and practical expertise in their chosen vocational area. The program duration is 4 semesters and 20 weeks (92 weeks).

    Semester intakes: January, May, September 2014
    Application deadline: Generally a minimum of 3 months prior to the beginning of the program
    Admission requirements -  A bachelor degree in either criminology, sociology, legal studies, psychology, humanities/arts or business studies

    Monash University - Master of Counter-Terrorism Studies

    The Master of Counter-Terrorism Studies offers a rigorous course of study that evaluates these multifaceted phenomena. The course is 1.5 years in duration and provides an understanding of what terrorism is and how it is constructed and reproduced. It also addresses the diverse and multifaceted actors involved in enacting and preventing terrorism and other security concerns.

    Semester intakes: March or July 2014
    Application deadline: TBA
    Admission requirements - A bachelor degree with a credit average or a graduate diploma with a credit average, or qualifications or experience that the faculty considers to be equivalent to or a satisfactory substitute for the above


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