Sydney Medical School now awarding an MD

It’s official! If you’ve accepted an offer to the Sydney Medical School for the 2014 intake, you will be receiving an MD!


Sydney Medical School
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The Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery degree is now recognized as the Doctor of Medicine (MD). Sydney Medical School will be awarding an MD to students commencing the medical program from 2014 onward.

The primary change between the MD and MBBS programs will be the inclusion of compulsory research methods training and the requirement for the completion of a research or other major project. Curriculum, clinical training and assessment will remain broadly the same. Central features of Sydney’s program, including the integration of clinical learning and teaching with basic sciences, population health concepts and the development of professionalism, will not be changed under the MD.

The MD will provide graduates with a professional qualification that is widely recognized all over the world and will be of great interest in the University of Sydney's increasingly global working environment.

The MD degree incorporates a research component that will provide students with access to the wealth of research expertise at Sydney Medical School. This is a wonderful opportunity for all students to gain important knowledge and skills in research methodology and, with the assistance of a supervisor, to plan and, in some cases, carry out a research project.

Research skills are highly valued as has been recognized by the many current MBBS students who undertake research projects across the medical school.

For the university, awarding the MD is a natural progression. Sydney Medical School already has an outstanding reputation for providing world-class clinical training and the expertise of the school’s researchers is well known both in Australia and internationally.

The Doctor of Medicine program is a four-year professional postgraduate entry course with three primary aims for graduates: excellent clinical skills and preparedness for practice; experience in research; and experience and awareness of health in an international setting. Years 1 and 2 are spent primarily on the main university campus at Camperdown, but clinical training commences in the first weeks. For years 3 and 4, students are based in their clinical school. Clinical learning occurs at multiple widely-dispersed sites (hospitals and community, metropolitan, urban and rural). The program is accredited by the Australian Medical Council. The course is delivered in three “Stages.”
Stages 1 and 2 comprise Years 1 and 2 respectively. Stage 3 comprises Years 3 and 4.

The Sydney MD program also comprises four broad themes that will run through the curriculum of all four years of the course:

1. Basic and Clinical Sciences
The Basic and Clinical Sciences theme includes preclinical disciplines as well as the major clinical disciplines of pathology, microbiology and pharmacology.

2. Patient and Doctor
The Patient and Doctor theme encompasses clinical knowledge and skills, clinical reasoning and clinical communication.

3. Population Medicine
The Population Medicine theme deals with population context of medical practice and prevention.

4. Personal and Professional Development
The Personal and Professional Development theme covers professionalism in accordance with the requirements of the Medical Board of Australia, the law in medicine, communication more broadly, ethics, medical humanities and related topics.

MD Research
Research Methods is introduced in Stage 1 of the program. Students gain knowledge and understanding of research methods to be able to design, conduct and report on a small scale case series study independently.

Core content and a range of options enable students, depending on a background knowledge and skills, to focus on particular areas of research interest for a research or capstone project.

During Stage 2, students are required to plan a research or capstone project that they will conduct during Stage 3. The objective of the MD project is to give students the experience of developing, managing and reporting on a circumscribed project under supervision. Students will have a wide range of choices for their MD Projects, ranging from an advanced clinical assignment to a small research project. The “MD project” will culminate in a written report or an article suitable for publication.

Program: Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Location: Sydney, New South Wales (Camperdown/Darlington campus)
Semester intake: February
Duration: 4 years

Applications for the 2014 intake are closed. While application timelines for the 2015 intake are not yet available, it is expected they will be similar to previous intakes.


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