Sydney physiotherapy student swishes down the slopes in New Zealand

OzTREKK and University of Sydney Physiotherapy School student Stephenie Cochrane is a dedicated student. Passionate about the study of physiotherapy, Stephenie has previously chatted with OzTREKK about her experience studying at the University of Sydney Physiotherapy School and how she’s adapted to life Down Under. (You can read our blog about Stephenie’s experiences here.)

University of Sydney Sydney Physiotherapy School
An OzTREKK student went to New Zealand to learn how to…ski?

When we chatted with Stephenie, she said she was swamped with midterm practicals for second semester, but was still thoroughly enjoying the Master of Physiotherapy program and encourages other Canadians to apply.

Even though she is busy with school, Stephenie is also very active in sports and other activities. She highly recommends to other OzTREKK students to use their time wisely and to develop friendships outside the classroom, which will afford a more diverse experience: “I’ve also found that playing hockey while down here has given me some great connections and life isn’t always about school, which is nice,” she said, adding that she’s met a lot more Australians playing hockey than she has in class.

Currently playing for the Canterbury Eagles in the NSW ice hockey league, Stephenie is getting to experience all that Australia has to offer through travelling with the team. During the summer months (in Australia that’s December through February), the Sydney Physiotherapy student plays for Sydney in their National League.

University of Sydney Sirens Ice Hockey
Heading to Sydney Uni? Try out for the ice hockey team!

“I’m playing for the Sydney Sirens this summer and it is allowing me to travel to Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane with the team and with some Aussies who can actually show me around!”

Stephenie is also encouraging other Canadian students who plan to attend the University of Sydney to try out for the team since it offers a bit of “Canadiana” flavouring to the mix and is a great way to make new friends—and provides an opportunity to travel, of course!

Recently, Stephenie travelled to the mystical island of New Zealand. You’ll find that we always recommend travel as part of your “study in Australia” experience, and New Zealand is highly recommended by many of our students!

On her most recent break, the Master of Physiotherapy student says she tackled the slopes to learn how to ski–in New Zealand. “Who would think a Canadian would head to New Zealand as a place to learn how to ski?” she joked. “New Zealand was amazing. I love it there and I definitely want to go back!”

We’ll let the photos speak for themselves!
OzTREKK - Who We Are
The beauty of New Zealand

OzTREKK - Who We Are
Absolute serenity

OzTREKK - Who We Are
Approaching the mountaintop

OzTREKK - Who We Are
Did you ever think of snow-topped mountains in NZ?


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