Bond Law School’s Canadian students celebrate Halloween

Halloween in Australia? Yep! What was once a fairly uncommon “celebration” has now become more popular.

Bond University Law School
Terrifyingly terrific!
The version of Halloween that we are used to in North America is spreading globally, particularly in Australia. As we reported last week, there has been a hefty increase in candy sales—and thus candy consumption in Australia.

Australians have participated in Halloween activities for years now, but not as we do here in North America. Generally, children dress up for school or go to parties in their costumes, but trick-or-treating is still not as common as it is here in Canada.

Bond Law School is notoriously popular for Canadian students. So what do Canadian students do? They bring their traditions to Oz, of course! Tim Hortons, hockey… and now, Halloween! The Bond Law School’s Canadian Law Students’ Association recently held a “Thriller”-themed costume party, encouraging students to get “zombified” for Halloween.

Sounds like it was spooktacular.

Happy Halloween, OzTREKKers!


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