Melbourne Public Health School holds Aboriginal Health Symposium

Improving the health and well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders was the focus of the “Closing the Credibility Gap” Aboriginal Health Symposium held at the University of Melbourne Nov. 21 – 22.

Melbourne Public Health School
Australian Public Health Schools Admissions Officer Rachel Brady at Melbourne!
The University of Melbourne Aboriginal Health Symposium on the Implementation of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health plan provided an opportunity to learn more about health programs and services provided for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Victoria and Australia-wide.

The symposium offered perspectives from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership on key implementation requirements needed to close the gap in health disparities.

Symposium Co-Convenor and Chair of Indigenous Health and Director at the University of Melbourne’s Onemda VicHealth Koori Health Unit, Professor Kerry Arabena said the event enabled participants to explore critical issues related to the health and well-being in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

“We have brought together health leaders with service providers, policy makers, research designers, funders and students to share their views on the key requirements of implementation,” she said.

The public health symposium covered a broad range of topics consistent with the content of the 2013–2014 Health Plan to inform policy makers, academics, students, service providers and health professional groups and associations.

Presentations were given by leaders in the field, including 2013 L’Oréal Women in Science Fellowship recipient Dr Misty Jenkins and Ms Jill Gallagher AO.

The symposium also addressed the task of closing the credibility gap by implementing programs that positively impact the health and well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. A credibility gap occurs when there is a discrepancy between what is said will be done versus real performance and implementation and the expectations of community and government.

The “Closing the Credibility Gap” Aboriginal Health Symposium was an initiative of the Onemda VicHealth Koori Health Unit within the Centre for Health and Society, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, at the University of Melbourne.


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