Monash University is now a White Ribbon Workplace

Monash University’s commitment to making workplaces safer for women has seen it achieve accreditation to become a White Ribbon Workplace.

Monash University
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The accreditation was announced last week after rigorous 16-month assessment as part of a pilot program that aims to support workplaces to prevent and respond to violence against women by adapting their culture, practices and procedures—just in time for White Ribbon Day, Nov. 25. Monash University was one of the first Australian tertiary institutions to join the White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation Pilot Project.

Executive Director of Monash University’s Campus Community Division, Vladimir Prpich, said the White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation Pilot Program has enabled Monash to effect meaningful and positive cultural change.

“The Pilot Program required an exhaustive sixteen-month evaluation of our policies, processes and procedures and has empowered us to ensure we implement a range of initiatives within the university to ensure that we are compliant with best practice and White Ribbon standards,” Mr Prpich said.

“I have received very positive feedback from both staff and students who see the university’s participation in this program as a concrete commitment to building a safe and respectful university community, where people come to work and study.”

Building on and recognizing current and emerging initiatives, participating workplaces are asked to promote safe workplaces for women by adapting organizational cultures, practices and procedures.

Accredited White Ribbon Workplaces have successfully met three Standards and 17 Criteria that demonstrate zero tolerance to violence against women. They drive best practice to prevent men’s violence against women in the workplace and to effectively respond to incidents as they arise, be it inside or outside the workplace. White Ribbon Workplaces are recognized as social change agents.


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