Nicole visits Bond University

This past October, OzTREKK Admissions Officer Nicole Bowes left the crisp air and fiery autumn colours of Canada for the balmy spring breezes and radiant sun of the Gold Coast, Australia. Located almost in the middle of the Australian east coast, Gold Coast is known for its stunning beaches and surfing lifestyle, so much so that it is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Australia.

Bond University
Bond’s beautiful jacaranda-lined walkway

So what else is so great about the Gold Coast? Well, that’s where Bond University is, of course!
Nicole set off to enjoy the Bond University 2013 Agent Partner Experience program which offers a comprehensive itinerary exploring Bond University’s world-class programs and on-campus facilities, not to mention the opportunity to meet current students, academics and the Bond International Team.

Along with a tour of the university, Nicole sat in on faculty presentations and tours, which further strengthened the partnership between OzTREKK and Bond University. Tours included the Bond Business School, the Bond Institute of Sustainable Development, the Abedian School of Architecture, the Faculty of Health, Student Services, and of course, Bond Law School.

During her agent week wrap-up presentation to the OzTREKK staff upon her return to Canada, Nicole explained that it was Bond University's state-of-the-art facilities and the low student-to-staff ratio that were most impressive. “Bond is a university for students who like to be able to approach their professors. Because of the small class sizes, students are known by their names, not by their student numbers.”

In fact, Bond University is so proud of their small class sizes that they use it in their advertising. One of Bond’s top 10 reasons “Why Bond” is its extremely low student-staff ratio and its 5-star teaching quality*.

“Bond is a university that wants to stay small and prides itself on being able to provide their students with individualized attention,” Nicole said. “And they pay attention to detail across all areas, including their programs, student care, and even the campus itself—the place is immaculate.”

Bond University
Bond is known for its immaculately clean campus

Another interesting point to note, said Nicole, is Bond’s belief in creating well-rounded students. Students are encouraged to find a healthy school-life balance, and are encouraged to join social clubs in order to experience Bond’s unique vibrant social community. Everywhere you look, Bondies are studying, chatting, and socializing at the interesting cafes and eateries on campus.

Also known for its international perspective, Bond University offers globally focused course content and exchange opportunities in more than 20 countries, and in every program, you can find people from different countries studying at Bond. On one of Nicole’s walks around the pristine campus, she actually ran in to one of OzTREKK's  Bond Law students, who said he was thoroughly enjoying his Juris Doctor program. “I spotted a guy with a Blue Jays baseball cap on. When I got closer to him, I realized he was watching hockey on his laptop. Can’t get any more Canadian than that!” she joked.

Bond University
Q1: Welcome to the Gold Coast!
Joking aside, Bond University has strong links with Canada. With a large number of Canadian students currently studying for law degrees at Bond and an active Canadian Law Students Association, Bond Law School is extremely well known for the Canadian content in its JD course load, with NCA-approved electives such as
  • Canadian Administrative Law;
  • Canadian Constitutional Law;
  • Canadian Criminal Law and Procedure; and
  • Foundations of Canadian Law.
“One thing I noticed was that the Canadian Law Students Association was really active on campus. They had posters and activities going all the time,” Nicole said, adding that Bond Law School is a great place for Canadians to come to study. “If you’re homesick, there are a lot of Canadians in your classes to keep you company, and Aussies who are there are always willing to make new friends.”

Nicole wrapped up her Bond University Agent Partner Experience with a visit to the Q1 Tower for its spectacular and expansive views, and to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to talk to the Aussie animals!

*2013 Good Universities Guide
Bond University
Hanging around in Currumbin
Bond University
Mama and joey
Bond University
Who was more scared?


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