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You know you’re a speech pathologist when…

Speech Pathology Schools in Australia
Life of a speech pathologist!

  • you speak entirely in abbreviations
  • you use the term “quick and dirty” in a clinical setting
  • SOAP has nothing to do with staying clean
  • you casually drop the words “diadochokinetic rates” at parties to impress your friends
  • you are the only adult you know who still plays with bubbles on a daily basis
  • you get annoyed by people’s impossible pragmatic skills
  • you’ve been known to talk to yourself in your room in funny voices for hours on end
  • you carry earplugs around and worry about infant hearing loss at hockey games
  • you ask excitedly to look in someone’s ears if they say they’re sick
  • you could easily do language therapy with the items in your purse
  • you notice a friend is a little hoarse and you ask him if he knows his current S/Z ratio
  • you are often caught spending endless amounts of money in the dollar store and yelling, “WHAT?! It’s for my job, okay!”
  • friends and family ask you to assess their children, too bad you already did it without them knowing.
  • /ju noʊ wət ðIs sɛz /
Speech pathology is a health profession that falls under the area of Human Communication Sciences. Speech pathology, also referred to as speech therapy, is the diagnosis, management and treatment of individuals who are unable to communicate effectively or who have difficulty with feeding and swallowing.

With few speech pathology programs offered by Canadian universities and since admission into these programs are increasingly competitive, graduate-entry speech path programs in Australia are a top choice for Canadians seeking to gain qualifications as a speech pathologist.

Australian Speech Pathology Schools offer undergraduate and graduate-entry professional certification programs in speech pathology, as well as a wide range of postgraduate options in specialized areas. Speech pathology programs in Australia aim to equip students with the theoretical knowledge, skills and professional attributes necessary for a career in speech pathology. Graduate qualifications in speech pathology from Australian universities are recognized internationally, and graduates are eligible to apply for certification in Canada.

The following OzTREKK Australian universities offer graduate-entry speech pathology programs, which allow graduates to apply to become certified as speech pathologists:

Macquarie University Speech Pathology School
University of Melbourne Speech Pathology School
University of Queensland Speech Pathology School
University of Sydney Speech Pathology School


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