UQ Pharmacy professor receives Bowl of Hygeia award

UQ Pharmacy’s Head of School, and a leading figure in pharmacy, Professor Nick Shaw, has been awarded this year’s prestigious Bowl of Hygeia Award which recognizes an exceptional individual service to the pharmacy profession.

UQ Pharmacy School
Hands-on training at UQ Pharmacy School

The award was announced at the annual dinner of the Queensland Branch of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) by Branch President Professor Lisa Nissen.

Professor Shaw was presented the award in recognition of his leadership in drawing the Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence (PACE) to successful completion, retaining its original concept of strong links to the profession, and utilizing those links to achieve a contemporary curriculum and a connected, engaged student cohort.

Professor Nissen said Professor Shaw was recognized for his contribution to education leadership, his advocacy for the profession as UQ Pharmacy Head of School at the University of Queensland, and also for his work as a member of a number of key professional committees.

“The Bowl of Hygeia Award is presented to a member of PSA who has demonstrated a consistently high standard of professional practice in support of the principles of pharmacy service to the community,” Professor Nissen said.

“Nick Shaw is known to most people in his many leadership roles as someone who goes about his work with commitment, dedication and grace; underneath which lies a strong and enduring passion for the profession.”

Professor Nissen said Professor Shaw had taken the PACE vision to reality as one of his first accomplishments on taking over as UQ Pharmacy Head of School at UQ some 10 years ago.
“Nick coordinated the design of the research and teaching spaces, ensuring the relevant staff and key players were involved in the process to ensure that the outcomes were optimum for the school,” Professor Nissen said, adding that following this great work, the UQ Pharmacy's Head of School felt that the profession needed graduates who have a greater sense of belonging and connection to the profession.

“He believed that it was essential to establish an identity and feel part of our strong community and to entrench this early in the program he introduced a ‘coating ceremony’ of which he invited PSA to become a partner.”

Professor Shaw has a very high representative profile outside of the UQ Pharmacy School and his roles include having been Chair of the Committee of Heads of Pharmacy Schools in Australia and NZ and also leading the group which in 2009 incorporated the Council of Pharmacy Schools, of which he is Chair. In addition, he has held positions Australian Pharmacy Liaison Forum and Councillor of the Australian Pharmacy Council as well as being a member of its Accreditation Committee.

Professor Nissen said Professor Shaw had been genuinely surprised and touched at receiving the award.

“He paid homage to others before him, including Professor Sue Tett and key PSA people including Warren Blee, Peter Mayne and Jay Hooper as well as key people at the Pharmacy Guild including Kos Sclavos for helping to bring the initial PACE vision to reality for the profession in Queensland,” Professor Nissen said. “He is a most worthy, though humble, recipient.”


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