OzTREKK Christmas science experiment

OzTREKK has conducted a scientific experiment. Every year, we fill our offices with beautiful poinsettias during the Christmas season. Unfortunately, most take a beating during the warm spring and summer months and lose their leaves and life around July.

Rachel and the happy poinsettia
Not this year. Specifically, Australian Science Programs Admissions Officer Rachel Brady managed to keep her poinsettia alive, and what’s more noteworthy, is that the plant is thriving! After some online research, appropriate lighting and watering (and some soft, encouraging murmuring and tender loving care), Rachel’s plant is displaying Christmas colours once again!

Does the “cool factor” of science fascinate you? Would you like to study in Australia? There are an infinite selection of science programs available at Australian universities. All of OzTREKK’s Australian universities offer incredible science programs, including botany, biological sciences, biotechnology, environmental science, marine science, forensic science, health sciences, wildlife management… and so much more!

  • Bond University Science Programs
  • James Cook University Science Programs
  • Macquarie University Science Programs
  • Monash University Science Programs
  • University of Melbourne Science Programs
  • University of Newcastle Science Programs
  • University of Queensland Science Programs
  • University of Sydney Science Programs

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