UQ staff and students fundraise for Typhoon Haiyan victims

When University of Queensland student Richelle Joyce Figueroa realized the disastrous impact Typhoon Haiyan had created in her home country of the Philippines, she thought about how she could help those in need.

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A group of masters students, members of UQ clubREAL, the UQ Filipino-Oz Society and other volunteers joined forces to raise money through a bake sale.

Proceeds from the sale went toward the Streetlight orphanage in Tacloban City and to buying “Bundles of Joy” packs of clothing, food and vitamins distributed by Filipino volunteers.

Richelle isn’t the only one from UQ offering a helping hand.

UQ Psychology ARC Laureate Fellow Professor Alex Haslam had a $400 donation made on his behalf in an exchange for consultancy work.

Staff from UQ’s Faculty of Business Economics and Law have organized for volunteers to fly to the Philippines to work with community organizations in Northern Cebu.

A donation drive supported by staff from the Institute of Continuing and TESOL Education and UQ International is underway, seeking bottled water, toiletries, candles, matches, canned food that doesn’t need a can opener, medical supplies such as bandages, vitamins and anti-bacterial products, and solar-powered lighting.

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