What is the Sydney Pharmacy Indigenous Camp?

The University of Sydney has a worldwide reputation for the quality of its teaching and learning. The university’s aim is to attract the best and brightest students and staff from around the world and to build on Sydney’s position in the top rank of international research universities. The university aims to provide an environment for learning and working where students, staff and visitors feel comfortable and included.

Sydney Pharmacy School
Study pharmacy at Sydney Uni
In addition, the University of Sydney wants to attract promising students from all social and cultural backgrounds. They believe this is their social responsibility as a leading Australian university and that it will enrich the educational experience of our students.

The university also runs targeted training and bridging courses to prepare students from language backgrounds other than English, international students, students from regional and remote areas, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Sydney Pharmacy Indigenous Camp (SydPIC)

For four days in January, the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney welcomes a group of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high-school students to give them a taste of the university, pharmacy and Sydney experience.

The camp provides young, Indigenous year 10 -12 students the unique chance to embrace life at the University of Sydney, while having fun, making friends and learning hands-on pharmacy skills. For four days, students are immersed in the campus lifestyle and the profession of pharmacy by participating in workshops, laboratory sessions, field trips and fun activities.

The Sydney Pharmacy School is one of the most reputable pharmacy education institutions in Australia—with an international reputation for excellence. This camp provides a great chance for Indigenous students from remote areas to get a taste of that experience and perhaps consider a career in pharmacy. The faculty believes this camp is a positive step toward addressing the urgent need for more registered Indigenous pharmacists in the community.

Are you interested in pharmacy at the Sydney Pharmacy School? How can you tell if pharmacy is for you? If you
  • are good at maths and science;
  • enjoy working with people;
  • like being part of a team;
  • like to tackle challenging problems;
  • have an interest in health care and improving the lives of others; and
  • look good in a lab coat (ha!)
…then pharmacy may just be what you’re looking for!


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