A Dave in the life of Monash

A Dave in the life of Monash


It started as a simple search through campus for a missing Blu-ray. But along the way, Sam discovered far more about all the brilliant cultural, social and academic rewards of Monash University than he could possibly have expected.

If you’re headed to Monash University for semester 1, 2014, check out this fun video!

At Monash, the desire to make a difference informs everything they do, but they strive to go beyond good intentions. The university aims to make an impact, both locally and internationally. Monash is are a global university with a presence on four continents, and their plans for the future are ambitious.
Popular programs at Monash University:
  • medicine
  • pharmacy
  • nursing
  • law
  • public health
  • business
  • engineering
  • information technology
  • science
  • teacher education


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