OzTREKK Funny Friday

Q. Why did the person fail the cadaver lab?
A. She just couldn’t cut it.

Australian Medical Schools in Australia
Yes, yes it does.

Q. Why is physiology so hard?
A. Because the professor is really sternum.

Q. Why is the spinal cord so audacious?
A. Because it’s got nerve.

Q. Why is the eye like the moon?
A. They’re both in orbit.

Q. What squawking gland of the digestive system does long John Silver have on his shoulder?
A. The parrot-id gland.

Q. What did the physiologist do to his cars?
A. Rectum.

Q. If you see an organ flying over head what is it?
A. A gull bladder.

Q. How do muscles go up and down?
A. In levators.

Q. Why is physiology so hard?
A. Because its subject matter is so vastus.

Q. Why was the endocrine student so upset?
A. He failed a teste.

Q. Which arteries have gender?
A. The male and femoral arteries.

Q. Why are these jokes like a body if you don’t put it in formaldehyde?
A. They both go rotten.

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  • JCU Medical School
  • Monash University Medical School
  • Melbourne Medical School
  • UQ Medical School
  • Sydney Medical School


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