Sydney Medical School announces new head of School of Rural Health

Sydney Medical School recently announced the appointment of Associate Professor Mark Arnold as the Associate Dean and Head of the School of Rural Health.

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Associate Professor Arnold will be responsible for the effective development and management of the School of Rural Health in Dubbo and Orange. The role encompasses the strategic implementation of teaching and research, as well as developing the profile of the school. Associate Professor Arnold will be based at the School of Rural Health’s campus in Dubbo.

Associate Professor Arnold is a rheumatologist and had worked at the Northern Clinical School and Royal North Shore Hospital since 1990. He has a Master of Bioethics from the Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine (VELiM) and has worked on the University of Sydney’s Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC), North Shore Private Clinical Ethics Committee and the Expert review for the Healthcare Complaints Commission. Associate Professor Arnold has had a long attachment to medicine in rural and regional Australia through previous roles as a rural consultant.

About the School of Rural Health
The School of Rural Health (SRH), with campuses in both Dubbo and Orange, provides a supportive and cooperative educational environment, exceptional teaching facilities and close affordable accommodation. A network of relationships, including public and private hospitals, GP practices and private specialist practices, combine to give students excellent patient and doctor access, across a breadth of patient scenarios, all within a small accessible team of medical professionals and administration staff.

The school also provides an academic focus for clinicians, teachers and researchers who wish to become part of the university presence in a rural environment. Funding comes from the Rural Clinical Training and Support Program of the Commonwealth Department of Health.


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