OzTREKK Funny Friday

An elementary school teacher decided to poll the class on the difficulty of their math homework assignment.

Australian Teachers Colleges in Australia
Become a teacher, have problems—math problems!

“How many people were able to complete the assignment without parents’ help?” she asked, looking for a show of hands.

About 25% of the students raised their hands.

“How many people we able to complete the assignment with the help of a parent?”

About 70% of the students their hand.

At this, the teacher notices about 5% of the class did not raise their hands.

She then called out, “How many people had to help a parent complete your assignment?”

Australian Teachers Colleges

Are you thinking of becoming a teacher? Completing an Australian teacher education program provides an excellent opportunity to obtain the teaching qualifications you need, while experiencing the excitement and culture of living in a new country.
  • James Cook University Teachers College
  • Macquarie University Teachers College
  • Monash  University Teachers College
  • University of Melbourne Teachers College
  • University of Newcastle Teachers College
  • University of Queensland Teachers College
  • University of Sydney Teachers College


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