UQ thanks its donors

Imagine enjoying your time at university so much that you not only stay in touch with fellow alumni, but you also donate your time and money into the institution.

The University of Queensland acknowledges everyone who has helped the university over the years with a great “thank you” video, below. With this video, UQ recognizes the gifts and assistance made by their alumni and donors, like OzTREKK!

OzTREKK scholarships for UQ Medical Leadership Program

OzTREKK is a Medical Leadership Program scholarship donor and provides two scholarship places! The OzTREKK UQ Medical School Leadership Program Scholarship is only open to OzTREKK students.

UQ Medical School
MLP delivered at the UQ Medical School, Herston

For medical students who are also considering leadership roles in their career futures, the UQ Medical School has partnered with the UQ Business School to provide an accredited Medical Leadership Program (MLP) offered exclusively in scholarship form to UQ Medical School students. Interested applicants may apply at the end of their first year of study of their MD degree.

Key benefits

By participating in this program, students will be able to
  • discover the keys to building strategies to affect continued transformation in the medical profession;
  • develop their personal and professional capabilities in areas such as leadership and management, managing change, thinking strategically, managing people, thinking innovatively, developing teams and an action learning culture, to name just a few areas;
  • explore how they can create a longer-term focus and make a significant impact on their medical outcomes, aligning their professional development around the core capabilities central to the achievement of their professional strategies;
  • formulate practical ideas, models and tools of behaviour, which will help participants advance their own personal and professional development; and
  • obtain a Graduate Certificate in Executive Leadership.


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