Australian Pharmacy School applications are open for the 2016 intake

Applications for the 2016 intake at Australian Pharmacy Schools are officially open!


Australian Pharmacy Schools in Australia
Study pharmacy in Australia
Pharmacy programs in Australia are structured quite similarly to many other professional programs offered at Australian universities. Students can enter a pharmacy program directly from high school. Students from Canada who have already completed an undergraduate degree may also apply for entry into Australian Bachelor of Pharmacy programs.

Some Australian Pharmacy Schools offer credit transfers if you’ve already completed particular undergraduate studies. This means that you may be able to transfer directly into Year 2 of the program, making the program length three years, instead of four.

In Canada, the Australian Master of Pharmacy program format is not currently recognized by the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC). The PEBC prefers that students complete an Australian Bachelor of Pharmacy program instead, as this course format is recognized and can be assessed by the PEBC. OzTREKK recommends that students who wish to return to Canada to gain pharmacy certification study one of our Australian Bachelor of Pharmacy programs.

Bachelor of Pharmacy

This is an undergraduate degree that leads to a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and is designed to equip students for a career in the pharmacy profession. Australian students, like those from virtually all other Commonwealth countries except Canada, can enter the Bachelor of Pharmacy program directly from high school.

The following Australian universities offer Bachelor of Pharmacy programs:
  • Griffith University Pharmacy School
  • James Cook University Pharmacy School
  • Monash University Pharmacy School
  • University of Newcastle Pharmacy School
  • University of Queensland Pharmacy School
  • University of Sydney Pharmacy School


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