Study public health at Griffith University

The discipline of public health at Griffith University falls under the School of Medicine. It is the study and management of human health in the greater community and environment.

Griffith University Public Health School
Study public health at Griffith University

The Master of Public Health is a multi-disciplinary program that provides the knowledge and skills to work in a wide range of public health professions. The program integrates knowledge and practice from fields such as environmental health, health promotion, nutrition, public health and epidemiology. It focuses on the systems and practices that shape the health of nations, communities and individuals and the environments in which they live, work and take their leisure.

Public health students at Griffith University investigate issues that help determine quality of life, such as globalisation, technology, environmental degradation and population trends, lifestyle and nutrition, control of existing and emerging communicable diseases, workplace health, and food and drug safety.

The Master of Public Health (incorporating the Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma) allows students to develop and further their careers in public health practice, research and/or management. Students can focus their work in health on disease prevention and health promotion.

Griffith University Master of Public Health

Program: Master of Public Health
Location: South Bank, Brisbane, Queensland
Semester intakes: February and July
Duration: 1.5 years


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