University of Sydney launches high-performance computer

The University of Sydney celebrated the launch of its first high-performance computer (HPC) service, which will allow researchers to leverage big data for research and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

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Available at no cost to University of Sydney researchers across all disciplines, Artemis has been developed by the university in partnership with Dell Australia.

NHMRC Australia Fellow Professor Edward Holmes from the Charles Perkins Centre said the partnership between the university and Dell will greatly benefit Australian science.

“Artemis will enable researchers from diverse fields to perform state-of-the-art computational analysis and improve collaboration between research groups by providing a common set of tools and capabilities with consistent access mechanisms,” Professor Holmes said.

Dell customised the new HPC service specifically for the University of Sydney, using a technical design to meet its performance and capacity requirements.

“The HPC solution designed for Artemis is a wonderful example of how Dell can customise solutions to handle different environments and workloads,” said John McCloskey, Enterprise General Manager at Dell ANZ.

“The HPC solutions will enable researchers to perform complex calculations to provide fast and broad data analysis. HPC is a highly effective way to help analyse complex data and it’s exciting to see it used in research that could potentially impact the world we live in.”

Artemis is a key tool to assist researchers in areas as diverse as molecular biology, economics, mechanical engineering and physical oceanography.

The system has incorporated 1512 cores of compute capacity and consists of 56 standard compute nodes, two high-memory compute nodes and five GPU compute nodes.


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