If OzTREKK staff members were to study in Australia…

You have all heard, “If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?”

We’d like to take it up a notch and query, “If you could study anything in the world, what would you study?” Since we represent such amazing Australian universities, our selection is almost endless! Here are the OzTREKK office results if we were to study in Australia!

If OzTREKK staff members were to study in Australia...
Study in Australia? Duh!


I would love to undertake a PhD in Mongolian studies at a great university like the University of Sydney. I’m basically obsessed with Genghis Khan, the social dynamics he emerged from, and misunderstandings about how his legacy shaped the world we live in.


I would like to study nutrition in a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics program at Griffith University. I feel Australia naturally focuses on healthy living and wellness, with nutrition and its awesome food culture playing a big role in people’s lives. I’d like to learn the science side of things—anatomy, endocrinology, chemistry etc., then apply a holistic focus once I graduated and began work. I would choose Griffith University because
  • the weather (Sydney/Melbourne are too cold in the winter!);
  • the smaller city lifestyle (not as many high-rises as Brisbane/Sydney);
  • new health centre! Multidisciplinary teams can work together (psych, nutrition, medicine);
  • it’s close to beaches and small coastal towns;
  • GC light rail—easy public transport; and
  • I’d have friends close by and lots of uni clubs to join!



I would choose the Doctor of Medicine program, because who doesn’t want be able to make boatloads of money after they are done school? I’d pick the UQ School of Medicine because they have a super-awesome student support system and all my students so far seem really excited to be going there!



My real answer is medicine because I spent my childhood watching TLC’s The Operation (knee replacement was the best) and dreaming of being a doctor. However, I went to university and did a major in being social—I don’t believe I ever missed out on any event. A+s in that. It was FOMO before FOMO was a thing. The old academics suffered as a result and med school became OzTREKK via a stint at a bank.

My not-so-real-but-still-kind-of-interested thing would include a degree with a focus on international conflict, like in an “I’m interested but I’m not so sure what I’d do with it” way.

I love the city of Melbourne but I think I might study medicine at UQ. I like myself a big school / class and I think I would really enjoy the size / scope of the program / uni. I would visit Melbourne often.


Must I choose? My interests are varied, but if I had to narrow it down, today I would choose from among the following: Master of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing from the University of Melbourne so I would finally get down to business in a field I thoroughly enjoy; the Master of Media Practice from the University of Sydney because the science behind advertising fascinates me; the UQ Master of Information Technology, so I can geek out with coding while creating brilliant advertising; or the UQ Master of Speech Pathology Studies, because I love linguistics and the science of speech. On another day, I may choose animal, plant, or marine science at JCU!



I would choose the Professional Certificate in Global Wine Studies at the University of Melbourne.

Do I need to say more? Learning about how to pair two of my favourite things—wine and food—all while living in Melbourne. There is also a two-week “hands on”  field trip through France where you get to explore their ultra-premium wine regions where you experience the culture and traditions of the French wine and food industries firsthand.


I’d take a Master in Marketing Communications at the University of Melbourne, because I have keen interest in how technology has changed the way we market to different demographics. I want to study in Melbourne because of these https://www.buzzfeed.com/simoncrerar/marvellous-melbs?utm_term=.mnzjZ70vL#.rt5xqyWOj lol!



I would study the Master of Nursing. Firstly, to keep Adam on his toes (JK don’t put that part) (Editor’s note: Too late! ha ha!). I would take it to further my education in nursing so I can be an NP! I would study at the UQ Nursing School, because I hear Brisbane is amazing.



If I had to choose my career path all over again, I would choose to study audiology because I am hard of hearing myself and I think it would be cool to learn more about hearing and hearing loss and have a chance to help people with this obstacle in their lives. I’ve always felt it would be a benefit to have an audiologist who can relate to a patient based on firsthand experience.

I would have to pick the University of Melbourne as a place to study. I have not had the opportunity to visit any Australian universities (yet!), but I did have a friend visit Melbourne and they fell in love with the city. They also raved about how nice the university was based on their short visit. May as well check it out firsthand for myself! The University of Melbourne also has quite a strong Master of Clinical Audiology program.


I would like to study communications to expand on my business undergraduate studies.  I would choose Bond University because it’s a small school—I am a small-town girl I don’t want to be just a number. I’d like that my profs and lecturers would know me by name because of the small class sizes.


I would study at the University of Melbourne (because I love it there) and at this stage in my life I would probably take the Master of Art Curatorship or Cultural Materials Conservation. What a perfectly artsy city to do either program in—you could find me sipping on a latte in an alley while I devour an art history textbook!


There are some amazing programs at our Australian universities and opportunities out there and from time to time I find myself scrolling through course descriptions wondering what it would be like to take that program. Here are my top three programs (in no particular order).
  1. Macquarie University’s Master of Environmental Education
  2. University of Melbourne’s Master of Forest Ecosystem Science
  3. University of Newcastle’s Bachelor of Natural History Illustration
So, there you have it! Our interests are as scattered and varied as spots on a Dalmatian.


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