OzTREKK student talks about Sydney Medical School

Current Sydney Medical School student Sean Hassan began his Australian journey in 2012 when he first contacted OzTREKK.

OzTREKK student talks about studying at Sydney Medical School
Former OzTREKK student Sean Hassan at our 2012 pre-dep seminar!
Like most medical students, he wondered which university would be best for him, and so he applied to several Australian medical schools. Unlike most medical students, however, Sean actually studied commerce before deciding on a career in medicine!

It’s amazing to watch our students throughout the process: from their first enquiries, to their applications, to watching them become professionals! We are so pleased for you, Sean!

And trust us when we say time flies: Just recently, Sean delivered a baby.

How does Sydney Medical School help? According to Sean, studying medicine at Sydney has great benefits for their students. Being a Sydney med student means
  • you will be prepared for a general internship;
  • you are encouraged to follow the path you are most passionate about;
  • you are encouraged be the “master of your own medical degree”;
  • you will see Sydney’s strong roots in global health (Sean had the opportunity to do a core rotation in Toronto!);
  • seeing research and clinical exposure go hand in hand;
  • being taught by lecturers who are at the top in their fields.
So how do you know which medical school is for you?

For Sean, the University of Sydney was the right fit. In the video below, Sean explains what he loves about the medical program, and how it has helped shape him into the doctor he wants to become!

About the Sydney Doctor of Medicine Degree

Sydney Medical School aims to produce medical graduates who are committed to rational, compassionate health care and medical research of the highest quality. The Doctor of Medicine program encourages enrollment of students from diverse backgrounds (even commerce!) and aims to help them to become graduates responsive to the health needs of individuals, families and communities and committed to improving the health care system at all levels.

Years 1 & 2 are spent primarily on the main university campus at Camperdown, but clinical training commences in the first weeks. For years 3 & 4, students are based in their clinical school. Clinical learning occurs at multiple widely dispersed sites (hospitals and community, metropolitan, urban and rural).


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