Griffith University international scholarships accepting second-round applications

Griffith University is pleased to announce second-round applications for some of their international student scholarships, for students undertaking study in Trimester 1, 2017.

Griffith University international scholarships accepting second-round applications
Apply for a Griffith University international scholarship!

The following scholarships are accepting second-round applications:

Griffith Business School

Griffith Business School Excellence Scholarship
F. John Willett Scholarship
The Collombet Memorial Scholarship
Griffith Business School Postgraduate Scholarship
Griffith Business School MBA Scholarship

Griffith Health

Griffith Health Excellence Scholarship
Griffith Health Relocation Scholarship

Griffith Sciences

Griffith Sciences Excellence Scholarship

Arts, Education and Law

Arts, Education and Law Excellence Scholarship

Second round applications close December 9, 2016.


With more than $1 million in new international student scholarships, this is a great opportunity for all eligible students to apply!


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