Don’t forget to RSVP for your OzTREKK Orientation in Australia!

It’s a Monday in the OzTREKK office and I’m excited: my flight has been booked!

I am really excited to meet you all in Australia. The venues are booked, the van has been reserved and I’m mentally preparing for my attempts to not hit the windshield wiper when I mean the signal. Last year it took me about two weeks to get over it. Then another two weeks when I came back.

It’s orientation time!

Alrighty… we have organized three Welcome Breakfasts for you and any family or friends travelling with you. These are scheduled just prior to your Australian university orientation so I’m hoping you can all join us.

Don't forget to RSVP for your OzTREKK Orientation in Australia!
Don’t forget to RSVP for your OzTREKK Orientation in Australia!

So how will this work: On the first day we’ll get together and have breakfast where you will have the opportunity to meet upper-year students, and then we’ll do a campus tour. There will be days (and, in some instances days and days and days) of OzTREKK Shuttle service where I’ll pick you up, take you for groceries or whatever item you’ve found on Gumtree, and drop you off.

Based on the feedback from last year, I wanted to take a quick moment to give you my top five tips—a survival guide if you will:
  1. Come! It’s a free meal and you will meet a bunch of people. We have focused on various meet-ups this year and they’ve been fairly regional. This will be the first time you see the whole class and you won’t regret it!
  2. Bring your Costco card. Yes, there are Costcos. Yes, your card works. No, I can’t lend you mine 🙂
  3. Save up. If you need to get to IKEA and you’re there a week ahead of me, just hold tight and I will not only drive you to IKEA, but I’ll also pick you up with your Billy bookcase and any other Swedish-named furniture you can muster. Last year we even wrangled a king-sized bed in the van. (It may have involved a winch and a lot of muscle but it got to its destination!)
  4. Bring some patience. At some of these events there may be a lot of students so everyone might not get into the shuttle on the first day, but we’ll coordinate it so you get all your stuff. Logistics is fun for me and I will do my best to make it work with your schedule.
  5. Bring the beats! Last year I heard “Love yourself” by the Biebs approximately 47 times in one day.
Don't forget to RSVP for your OzTREKK Orientation in Australia!
A few OzTREKKers enjoying their welcome get-together in 2016

Finally, I will give you my number: If you ever text me if you could start with a “It’s First-Name Last-Name from UQ Med” it will be a big help. “Hi, it’s John” is sometimes hard for me to decipher. 🙂

I will explain the “how” of the shuttle when we meet at the breakfast.

I will be landing in Australia on the 15th of January and will happily chat locally any time after then. Please let me know if you have any troubles, questions or other.

I’m super excited to see you all—in flip flops thongs.

Happy day!


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